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The Gift -Part III

    Transformation Web Series
 Parts III& IV of 4 Part series - 1/2 hour Segments
morph  series
morph  series
morph  series
Pamela Sutch
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morph  series
Monica Hayes
The Gift

And the story continues! As the struggles of each character creates the development of new twists and turns, the unexpected take these lives to a whole different place. Will Jake ever be happy again? Will Scott ever turn his luck around? and will the person ever reveal themselves controlling so many different lives? Find Out in this next segment of "The Gift", as we introduce new and interesting characters and plots to this body swap, morph transformation series!

Enjoy this morph, tg, sci fi series by Siren Tales Productions

The Gift -Part IV 
The Gift morph tg series
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Mark Ferrante

Kylie embraces his new beginning and latest conquest, but has Jake spiraled to a new low or will he be able to dig himself out from the hole he has sunk into? Welcome Elizabeth to the mix of this web of deception as she struggles amid the weirdness surrounding her. And watch the unlucky gambler, Scott, play his cards with his schemish ideas. Stay tuned for more to come and download parts one thru three of "The Gift" Morph Series!


Prefer DVD's?  Parts 1 to 3 Available 
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The Gift morph tg series
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