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Operation Storm Cloud

They say lightning never strikes twice, but anything can happen when an evil genius invents a terrifying device that threatens homeland security. Dr. Samantha Bradley (Leigh Jacobs) is a gorgeous and caring young physician who tries to outsmart a dangerous criminal in Operation Storm Cloud. It was just another day at the office for Dr. Bradley, but her long journey home includes unexpected encounters with rough terrain, attacking vines and deadly lightning bolts! Brenda Sampson (Pamela Sutch) is a beautiful but evil scientist who controls a frightening machine that generates brutal and powerful artificial lightning. And ... oh yes ... Brenda happens to be a skilled Martial artist who takes on a federal agent in hand-to-hand combat! A top secret federal investigation, beautiful women, a spiteful villain and intense action sequences. Operation Storm Cloud has it all! Also starring ... Mike Lieberman and Gene Pierce.  2006 Production

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