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Crooked  Politics

Senator Sharon Conrad is a rising young star in the Halls of Congress. She's honest, compassionate, and never intimidated by corrupt lawmakers or greedy lobbyists. Sharon plays by the rules, but sometimes the rules don't apply. Especially when she's suddenly forced to fight for her life. Dawn Murphy stars as a beautiful young Senator who is kidnapped and threatened by a bitter, insane rival in Crooked Politics. The campaign ended months ago, but Sharon's landslide victory wasn't enough to convince her evil opponent to accept defeat. Senator Conrad is abducted from her home and taken to a remote forest where she's forced to participate in a dangerous political debate. Sharon attempts to outwit her captors as an FBI Agent (and skilled martial artist) risks his life to rescue her. As they battle to survive in this action-packed tale, they discover that anything is fair in the world of Crooked Politics!

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