Pamela Sutch





Pamela Sutch, born Pa. Left handed. Drawn to creative art forms of every type. Relocated to NYC to expand her opportunities in various areas of the performing arts. Work included recording projects, dance, print & commercial work, Trade show modeling, spokesperson, and later Indie Films. Pamela later started her own production company, Siren Tales Productions, and continued working as an actress for other indie production companies.  Pamela also stars in the Killer Wolf Films production; Swamp Zombies, Curse of the Wolf, Warriors of the Apocalypse, as well as the newest release, Skull Forest;. Martial Arts has become an active addition in recent Indie and Siren flicks. Pamela has a 9 year background in karate and Northern Shaulin Kung Fu and is a black belt level. Pamela also has advanced cinematographer and editing skills that she acquired throughout the years working and producing movies.